I have always wanted to learn to quilt...decided to visit the local quilt store...took a couple of lessons. loved it and paid..$25.00 each, then I decided to go further and buy a pre-cut kit,bought backing, and border fabric, thread, notions...pre-cut kit. ($72) class to make a block, $25....

...Now I am at the point that I have finished the quilt top and having trouble despite visits to all the sites I am hesitant to start borders.  As I have never made a quilt and never seen one made it is not that easy to just go and do it when you really are not wanting to cut up expensive material...So, called the shop and asked for help...need another lesson or two depending on how fast you work...that leaves me to go to the quilt shop for more lessons...I can't get help from her any other way as she is "really busy" and you need to call, make an appt, and come in for another class....

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have you thought about looking for a quilting bee or quilt guild? look onlime and see if there is one in your area. most have ladies who would be delighted to help a newbie learn to add borders or whatever
There are lots of quilting videos on you tube.  just go to youtube type in quilting borders and you'll get a whole list, go through a few to see which teaches what you need to learn best.  I have a few border books, one thing to consider is make your border width balanced in size with your block, if you have a 12" block you can make your border, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12"  I would not go with 12.  6, 4 or 3 would be a good balance.  Measure the quilt across in three places, once close to the top of the quilt, once through the middle and once close to the bottom.  Take the average of those three measurements then cut your border to that size.  Pin your border from the middle out, pin lots and if there seems to be too much fabric on the quilt or the border you will need to ease it in.  Take three measurements up and down your quilt for the next sides after you have attached the borders.  Don't forget to add your seam allowances.  I cut my borders from the width of fabric and if that isn't long enough I usually join with a 45 degree angle it hides the join better and can avoid bulk.  but if you are not comfortable with that then just join with a straight seam.  Hope this helps.

thank you for your reply...haven't visited in awhile and just read your thoughtful posting!

Don't despair, here is  a good video about sewing borders onto a quilt, hope you find it useful

click here for video

Quilting can get very expensive, therefore I am pretty much self-taught.  I have taken a few classes myself and not only do you learn a lot, but I have met some wonderful quilting gals during these classes.  Its nice to have someone you can call in a pinch.  I agree with the other ladies, youtube videos are priceless and are packed full of good info.  I watched the video Lenna suggested and there really isn't much more to say.  The video is right on. 

i want to repeat my suggestion that uou look for local quilters and ask them for help. some churches have quilt groups, as do many community or senior centers. some fabric shops have listings or buletins boards for quilters to post about bees and guilds. while it is possible to learn from videos, books, and self-teaching, sometimes having a real quilter show you something in person just can't be topped ;-)

I agree too, it helps to have as many resources as possible and having real live people to talk to can be inspiring and helpfull.  To find groups or guilds keep an eye out for quilt shows as well.  A quilt show in your area indicates an active quilting gruop.

quilt shows excellent suggestion! and, you might ask at fabric stores, quilt shops, library, community centers, senior centers, & museums about past, present or future quilt shows. any quilt show organizers might be able to tell you about
quilters & quilt groups in area

Check out your local public library and look for books that teach basic skills.  They should have lots.  Then if you find one that you really like order it from amazon or somewhere else. 

Another possibility!   The technical college system often has a series of classes on the basic level as well.


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