Hi! I am new and lost.... is their a profile page I should be writing al this on My name s Al Collier -yes men quilt. My wife and I are both retired and have matching machine at each end of the 6' cutting table.  we each have are own cutting board but mine is hidden under a 2' x 4' ironing pad, Most of our work the last three years has been lap quilts for the disabled and nursing home. We have passed them 100 mark and are stopping counting.  I am taking a break and just made my granddaughter, daughter and son ones.  I was making a string quilt for myself but he wanted, So a baby quilt is cut and waiting, then my quijtl is cut and waiting.  Sorry I have no photos but my wife is getting good with her camera,  OH yes, I love log cabins, string quits,aka crazy quilts. I just made two pillow cases using 5" blocks. It was fun - all random.It is late for me - PLEASED to meet all of yall. (PS Beebe, AR 72012 - use googlemaps)

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Welcome to MQP Al & partner. It does take a while to get use to how the MQP site works and yes it can be quiet confusing. Firstly you can post anything on the Home Page to the whole of MQP. Then you also have a page of your own to set it up as you wish. You can make posts on your page to the group or any friends too. You can write letters, emails and questions as you get to know some people and groups at MQP.  I suggest you take a look at the many quilting groups that share your own quilting styles and start asking questions of the group. No question is a dumb question. It can take some time for someone to respond to you but slowly you will get to know people and also start loading up your own quilts. That's enough for now. I wish you all the best and welcome to a great site. Julie Beard.


thanks Julie. I did find the profile page and got some photos up. making myself at home.

Hello, Al, and welcome. If you look along the top of home page, there is a grey banner. The "button " ñext to "home" is "my place". That is YOUR page, and your profile is there ( scroll down past your discussions). There is an "edit" option so you can add or change profile. Then below that is your photo area, and below that is an area folks can leave you a public commentary message. For private messages, you need to be " friends" with a member, and then use tge " inbox" in upper right corner just under the " sign in/sign out". Rogue quilter has an excellent lesson on navigating this site...from top banner hit " forum" button, and look for the discussion . You can see other quilters profiles by clicking on their av ( badge) ...doing that brings up their page, and you can scroll down past their comments/discussions to their profile & picture page. Good luck.

Greetings Al,

I too am a guy who loves to quilt. Welcome to this wonderful world of quilting

thanks Kim

I have tried to invite you as a friend but it isn't working.......

I am replying to you, but I don't know what esle I can say... If this helps you contact me, that's good. If it doesn't help, I'm not sure what I can do. I am not to  familiar with this site.

S Jean Davis

Jean, I can't figure out how to make someone a friend, But would love to stay in contact with you.

hello jean & al. to become friends w another member, go to the members' personal home page by clicking on their avatar. in jeans' case, her avatar is her thumbnail pic here with her comment. al is using the aqs default avatar of the aqs symbol.
go to persons' personal home page and just below their avatar, there is a link that says 'send message' when you send the massage it becomes an invitation to be friends. after the reciever reads the message and clicks "accept" you are now friends.
al ..i think i read where you were mentioning your "profile" ..i think you were refering to your personal home page. your profile, where you set up the parameters for your home page is found w/in the "settings" link that you see in upper right corner of any page on the site.
..good luck to you both! :))

p.s. ..for more help with finding your way around the site please read the link in my comment below, titled "navigating the site". it should help with any other issues you may be having. if not just post a comment to the discussion on the velow link. any & all members can help you.
welcome to mqp al. we have many talented male members here. male quilters have been around for decades ..even back into 18th century england. talented men whose creations have lasted the many years since created. quilting is a perfect medium for the creative views of men. see ricky timms work, joe cunningham and more. also, bob on missouri quilt company.

also ..for help navigating the site ...


thanks  --- 5 genrerations ago that grandfather was a tailor - so just keep the family tradition alive

I suggest you try making some Fidget Quilts for Alzheimer patients. These are made of 5 1/2 inch squares layed out in a

four high/four wide pattern Half of the squares are simply bright colored prints (ues lots of novelty prints) and half are textured fabric or objects to fidget with sewn onto them. We back them with flannel, velveteen, or corderory, use a light weight batting, and quilt them just like any regular quilt. They are only about 22 inches and fit on the patient's lap. Fidget quilts help to calm the patients nerves and to give their nervous hands something to do. A real blessing to both patient and care giver.

I will share my information if you are interested....   S Jean Davis



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