Help! I want to make another one of my Mandala quilts with pretty much the same coloring. Please look at my photo of the two main fabrics and let me know if you have some you can part with, or if you know a shop I can get some from. The tan and brown paisley I will need yardage, but ther orange and brown, I can use smaller pieces. Thanks in advance! Michelle:)

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If you have a selvage edge that displays the manufacturer and the design you can query it through Google or any other browser. That might give you some places that still have the fabric. I recently ran out of fabric for a project and found it in a shop in Alaska. The fabric was mailed to me and allowed me to finish the project. The internet is a great tool.  Good luck.....I hope you find the fabric.  Your quilt is beautiful!

No info on the selvedges. I already contacted the shop wheere I got it and have spent hours doing searches on the internet. Maybe someone here will have some they can part with! Thanks, Michelle

You might look online at BatiksPlus.  They carry alot of discontinued and/or retired Batiks.

I tried them too, no luck. I am currently going through my batiks to find a background fabric that inspires me. I try to use what I have before I go buying more (isn't that against our first commandment?..Thou shalt buy more fabric whenever you can!"). Thanks for the suggestion.

My favorite on-line shop is Batik's Etc and Sew What Fabrics. That is where I got the original pieces. I even ended up asking them to send me more of the orange and brown floral, but that was only a week or so after I got the first batch. I LOVE them...they have ordered items for me that they don't carry (those tiny quilt tacks). ANd I love their 10"square club (batiks of course), but I am not getting any right now. 

I also found a new local quilt shop that cares about every person who steps in the door and I happened to show up the day the Robert Kaufman rep was there and she ordered some fabric just for me! Trouble is that "Effervescence by Robert Kaufman" keeps telling me it wants to be a dress! :)


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