I am interested in starting a 2 1/2" wide strip x 44"-45" long (width on bolt) batik swap, but only want quilt store batiks, please. If interested reply.

It is interesting to go into a quilt store to look at the jelly rolls as I am amazed by the prices. So, why not do an exchange with other quilters. I love batiks, but hate to buy a quarter and each time its not wide enough. If I buy yardage then I have to buy a ton to get a variety. So. if your interested respond to trade.

Each person can send in 12 same batik strips: please make sure they are 2 1/2" wide by the width of a bolt of fabric (44"-45") plus add SASE for return of 12 different strips.

I will list the 12 recipients and will inform you all of the returned shipment. If more want to be included we will need 12 people to participate.

24 members are already active strippers! http://myquiltplace.com/group/batik-strip-swap this is where we post the most activity and become friends.

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i possibly would like to join since i dont have many batiks, this will help me get some.

So far I have

Darala Doby

Cheri Foster

Gayle Clements

Paula Sizemore

Patricia Renee Maxwell

Annette Boersma

Lisa Gorski

For the Batik Strip Swap.....

Please remove me from list. Thank you.

Chef Lisa,  I'm thinking that if you post this swap also in the group "Swapping FUN is for everyone",  you may get more participants.  I'm willing to send in 2 lots of 12, but it may be better to have more 'swappers'.

Just a thought.

:-)  Annette B.

i was thinking the same thing, annette. it would be easier to follow. lots of examples over there, also, of swaps curently in progress, and how to organize them. i am another that looks at those lovely batiks and shudders at what it would cost for even a wall quilt! so..thinkin' i may finally join a swap rather than just follow and read about it. :))

Annette Boersma

Darla Doby

Cheri Foster

Paula Sizemore

Patricia Renee Maxwell

Lisa Gorski

There are six of us right now! Hurry as the holidays are approaching fast.

Have an idea for a challenge that would be a useful quilted piece for all of us - Fractured Bargello Jacket made from a sweatshirt by Nanette Weaver with Kaye Wood. She uses all batiks at 2 1/2" wide sewn to each other then strips for the jacket are cut from 1/4" intervals starting at 1 1/4" wide.

I am going to make one and will let you know how it turns out! We can then decide to have a show on our own with prizes for places. I have a judge friend who would be willing to do a (virtual) judge, you will email me several pictures the same as you would do for a Prize Quilt Show. Several close ups and an overall picture. We can post the pictures here and get the viewers to do a judging.

Let me know what you think!

Chef Lisa


Did you get off the ground with your strip swap?  I would love to join in, if you are still doing the swap.  Also agree with others that you might want to move this swap to SWAPPING IS FUN FOR EVERYONE.  Search on groups to find it and then just post your rules there.  You will probably get a lot of action because many swappers go to that group.

Let me know if the swap is still on!

God bless,


I just updated this page to help others in their search through this network.


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