I'm sure many have read a lot of these works. Curious about people's opinions.

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I love most of her books. I think my favourite one was the one that took place in Hawaii - makes one want to visit that area. The one I liked the least was Union Quilt.


I started collecting them.  We have a huge used book store here but even though used, they are expensive.  I too feel like part of their group.

I am an audio book listener that enjoys listening to all quilt related books while I am quilting. The Elm Creek books are my favorite.

when i am quilting i watch/listen to tv shows or movies i've seen before. among my favs are John Wayne and Star Trek stuff. but, i have stacks and stacks of VHS and DVD to watch. i do rerun stuff 'cause then i can just listen and follow the plot even when i can't watch. ;-) my version of audio books. ~~~hahaha~~~

I have read all of the Elm creek series. I enjoyed them all.

Just recently started my first one.  Haven't decided yet, but like her writing.

I have devoured five of her books thus far and am always looking for more. I feel like the Elm creek quilters are a utopian kinship of women which I admire and hope I will one day have friends with the same mutual love and respect of the craft.

I love the books with the Elm Creek Quilters, not so entranced by the historical ones.  I want to find a quilt camp like Ekm Creek and can't find anything remotely like it.  Anyone have ideas?

I enjoyed the Elm Creek series.  A little disappointed in the final book though.  I have mixed feeling about her new direction with the civil war characters. 

I've read them all.  She's drifted away from the usual characters into other historical fiction, so I'm eager to read another one from Elm Creek.


I liked the first couple of books, then not so much, found them tiresome so stopped reading her.


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