I'm making T-shirts out of antique maps found on the internet for a family gathering and would like to make the appliques colorfast so we do not have to dry clean the shirts after we wear them.  I know how to do the printing and applique, or even make my own iron on with wonder-under, but there must be some way to make the printed fabric colorfast so that they can be washed. Otherwise I will take this fabric back and make iron-on transfers from a mirrored image, but I really hate those. 

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Debbie,There's a product out called Bubble Jet.It's a mild detergent for direct ink and dye application.You soak your fabric in it before sending through your printer.I've never used it but I have used Miracle Fabric Sheets that's already treated with this solution.Look for www.cjenkinscompany.com or call 1-314-521-7544


Thanks  patbruck.  I have used Avery printable fabric and bought June Tailor, but discovered it is  not colorfast. I will look for this solution when I go out today.


This is the quickest way to make the ink jet ink colorfast.  IRON IT with a hot iron just after it dries from being printed.  Do this several times.  I learned the hard way and if you don't do this, the color will wash out of the pictures.  I did a memory quilt for my MIL before she passed away last year and while it made the pics on the quilt kinda "antiquey" I was livid.  I have used the picture stuff to make quilt labels and ironed them as soon as the ink dried from printing and the labels retained their color.  Here's a pic of the quilt and you'll understand.

I found the Color Bubble Jet at the quilt shop this morning.  Believe it or not the factory where it is  made is just a few miles away from my home.  I did discover that all photo pictures will fade over time if washed.  I also decided that I was working way to hard and decided to just mirror image and use iron-on transfers for this project.  I will just get lighter colored shirts so they will be fine for what we want them for. One day at the fair is different than 90 years on a quilt. In case anyone wants to know the Bubble Jet fixative was about 17.00 for a 32oz.bottle, but now I can use my own fabrics and iron them onto butcher paper and run them through my printer without buying those expensive precuts.  I haven't tried it yet, but I know that it works very well for those who do it.  For those in the ST. Louis area, I found it at Jackmans.

I found the best picture comes out best with the Avery 3384 Printable Fabric,it's a little difficult to tear the backing off,but I found the color is the best.Dianne is right,you should always iron with a hot iron to adhere the color after you take the backing off.I just washed a piece I printed out a long time ago and the piece did not lose its color.

I used Avery printable fabric as my test project earlier this spring, but forgot to tear off the backing.  The pillow is pretty, but is a little crunchy.  I hadn't thought about heat setting the ink, but that makes sense.  I'm going to try it this evening when my husband will add the new print drivers to my computer so I can use his printer.  It has better capability than my old one.  Thanks again for your help with this.  Now I have options, I never had before.  I must return to my hanky quilt.  I am finally starting to have a clue with it now too.  I'm hoping to be able to have pictures ready by the end of next week.

Debbie,I've changed my mind of using the Avery for quilts that are going to be washed.I told you I washed a piece I had printed out and the color was good,that is very true,but after I dried it I found it to be very stiff,not good for any quilt or anythng else that will be washed.I'm reading the directions` and it says you can put it on cardboard,wood and other porous surfaces.This would be good for decoupage.

I'm sorry you had such  bad discovery, but i do appreciate that you shared it with me.  I found the Bubble Jet stuff earlier today and am going to try making my own fabric.  For the T-shirts, I decided to just make iron ons so that they will be washable since we want to wear shirts all day at the fair.  They will be a waste of effort if they cannot be washed and worn later.  I printed out the mirror images I needed already and now just need to get the shirts. Here is the draft design, I cut out the state map and centered the wording on the final.  I am going to put these on light blue shirts.   


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