Facebook, AQS asked "How old is your oldest machine?". We got so many responses we thought you'd like to answer that too. So, now it's your turn!

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I also have a 99K; it is heavy- but I sure love that machine! it's a 1956- beautiful and stitches the most precise, beautiful straight stitch. my 'fancy' computerized machines do not come anywhere close to the precision of that little singer. when I work on lonestar's or any other blocks/quilts that really need precise, even, straight stitches I turn to my 99. I consider it the best $20 I ever spent! *and to think it competes (and wins) over the machine I paid over $7000 for!* ~~ that one is good for fancy stitching, speed~~has it's place; but when good even straight stitching is needed ,,,

Ok...... I am not sure which of mine is the oldest now as I can't find my list with the manufacturing dates so I will list them all.

I have 3 vintage Singers.... a 99K Serial #Ek926041... made in the 30 or 40s I think.

Featherweight  manufactured 10/28/1947 and a 301 black slant needle... from the 50's.

I have a 930 Bernina I bought new in 1986 and a Brother's 8500 I purchased in 1999. I use my Bernina the most as it is a work horse and I have made many quilts with this machine. It is one of the best for free motion quilting.

I  need to sell my 3 vintage machines and probably will soon  because of my eyesight and my age but I  will sure hate to part with any them.

I have recently acquired another vintage singer- its a *15-91* (I think that's the right numbers) I've had it completely gone over, my 'sewing machine guy' says it is stitching like new; and I had the cabinet refinished (the machine & cabinet had spent a number of years in an old leaky barn- was in pretty rough shape-including rust) so, I just got it all back the cabinet looks nice, the machine is beautiful- but I have not had a chance to sew with it yet- I hope it sews as nicely as the 99.

Colleen-I just found a 15-91.  It was in a barn too.  Dh cleaned it up, oiled it, luckily the cabinet had been covered so just a little murphy's oil soap and water and oh she sews such a gorgeous seam.  The Singer model 15s are the ones that the Japanese clones were modeled after. The majority of my sewing are on antique machines. 


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