I'm only starting out, so I don't have a huge fabric stash to draw from. When you started out, did you buy fabric quilt by quilt, or did you buy fabrics you liked and then create quilts from what you had? There are so many wonderful things out there, but this can be a really expensive hobby!

I'd love to hear how others have built their stashes.

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I have a thread collection that rivals my fabric stash.  I LOVE threads!  Especially from Superior Threads.  I quilt my own quilts, but I don't do any machine embroidery.  I was hoping there would be a group or discussion about quilting threads since I love them and there are so many choices out there now.
I just learned about threads in a machine quilting class at Paducah -- so cool and so much to learn! I bought a bunch of King Tut threads that are varigated...they were so pretty. Why don't you start a discussion on a new page. I'd love to learn more from everyone!

I thought about a thread discussion...I wasn't sure where I'd put it.  A new group entirely probably wouldn't generate much interest.  Anyway, King Tut was the first thread I ever bought from Superior.  I used to believe I had to use cotton only, but after learning so much about thread my thoughts on the subject changed.  Did you take a class taught by Bob Purcell?  He's the owner of Superior.

You should go to http://www.superiorthreads.com/ and check out their amazing education section.  They have so much information there it's mind boggling.  They even have videos now.  It's my favorite thread website.  They have a section called "Try me Specials"...you get to choose how many of whatever kind of thread you want for an excellent, discounted price and they choose the colors.  I did this when I was first collecting different threads.  I didn't have anything, so the colors they sent didn't matter to me at the time.  They send a nice selection.

What a fun idea -- I'll have to try it. My vast thread collection comes from my mother-in-law. She has TONS of large cones of thread she bought over 20 years ago for her serger. Now I know that it's a really bad idea to use old thread and I have to sneak thread in the house so she doesn't realize I'm not using hers (it would hurt her feelings -- she lives with us now). I took a class from Sue Nickels -- the one who's name is on the King Tut thread! I've bookmarked the link -- thanks. In 10 minutes she taught me more than I ever learned in home ec, but I guess back then they didn't have many kinds of thread anyway, haha!

start one. i don't have a large stash of threads. i like valdani...varigated for quilting and piecing. it is not carried around here so shop the web. i haven't used superior yet..but a friend does and swears by it. i don't do much machine quilting..i like hand quilting, esp since most of my quilts are small wall hanging or miniature. and that gets to another problem with this area...when my dh and i are driving toalllocal fab shops putting out flyers for our annual town quilt show...i look for thread. and can findnohand quilt thread at all. told my shop owners that no one uses it so they don't stock it! how sad is that?

I got back into quilting after I retired from teaching but while I was teaching I bought a lot of fabric. I had no quilts in mind but I bought fabric that I liked. I would bring it home, wash it. iron it and either fold it or hang it in the closet. After I retired I started looking for patterns. I would look to my stash for the right fabric and if I needed one or two more for the right look, I was off to the fabric store again. I bought linning fabric and batting. Now when I finish one quilt I just look in my stash and it is all ready for me to start work.
I do the same thing...wash my fabrics before putting them in my stash.  My girlfriend doesn't wash hers.  The only drawback if you wash it first is if you get into buying things like Jelly Rolls and want to use your own fabrics with them; You obviously can't wash the strips, and you shouldn't mix washed and unwashed fabrics when constructing a quilt (in my opinion!).  That's why I never buy anything smaller than fat quarters even though the charm packs are so tempting!
I just got back from Paducah's quilt show, and I found a quilt shop selling their fabric for $5 a yard! Some were on sale for even less. SO, I found some patterns I loved and matched them up to make specific quilts AND I bought lots in specific colors that I liked to build my stash. I ought to be set for a while...thanks for all your help.
I envy you, Susan! Here in Spain fabric is RIDICULOUSLY expensive (patchwork fabric, I mean, the one I like); I'm talking around 15-20 dollars a yard. Plus, there's just one store in my city, so I'll probably end up buying the fabric online --that means I will have to plan ahead the next two or three quilts so the delivery charges are worth it. I'm starting up, too, and trying to build a stash; if I keep going at this rate, I will have one soon, I'm afraid. ;-)
I know what you mean Ruth. I live in Australia and quilting fabri here is 20-26 dollars a meter. Thank goodness for online shopping! I went a bit crazy when I first started out and spent a fortune on my fabric stash here in Australia before I discovered online shopping. I just buy fabric I love then hope it goes with what I already have at home. You can never have too much fabric!
Ruth, one of my favorite on-line shops is http://fabricshack.com/ The have a section called "Sale-a-bration" with excellent prices.  And their regular prices are good as well.  PLUS, they have discounted international shipping, so I'd definitely check them out.
Thanks for the tip! It goes into "favorites" right now!


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