I just received an early Christmas present in a Kindle e-reader.  My husband believes I should get all my quilting magazines and books on it.  I am totally against that as I like to have the patterns and instructions in front of me as I use them and with the magazine or book I can scan it and make a paper copy to take to the machine or cutting table with me.  You cannot print off the e-reader.  Do any of you have an e-reader that use it for your quilting magazines or books?  Do you like it?

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I use my e-reader for books, novels that kind of thing, there are lots of freebies on the kindle site.  I haven't had much luck finding magazines and books on e-readers.  I am like you I like the pattern/book/magazine to be in my hands.  e-readers need to be charged and I would hate to be in the middle of a project and have to go hunting for plug ins etc. cause battery runs out.  Plus my original e-reader is black and white, so colored patterns etc.. wouldn't work so well.  


I have a NookColor and use it only for books at this time.  Haven't attempted to find any quilting books or mags on it yet.  I would probably use it to preview quilting books/mags before purchasing a hard copy.  Like you, I like to have the paper print out to move around with me and make notes.

i don't know about the readers, but i love reading books on my iPad. use it for recipes and such as well. don't follow patterns with quilting, but would think it would be difficult unless you can email or something with readers to print out from computer

No way would I use Kindle for quilting books and magazines; it just isn't practical.

I use mine for reading novels and I'd like to listen to podcasts on it. I'd get a quilting book on it if it were one I was borrowing from the public library. Otherwise, I like having the paper copy in my hands.

I'm with you, Shirley. I LOVE my books and magazines. You need to be able to print or copy a pattern when you are making a quilt.

Shirley , there is a free app for your kindle that applies to your reg. computer. On my laptop I can then see everything in full color just like a reg book and even print out patterns. I get lots of cookbooks free on my kindle and always use my laptop to look at them because I love pictures of food ! I do the same for craft books. I only use my kindle to read and do crossword puzzles . ILOVE LOVE my kindle!

I'm in complete agreement about the fun of leafing thru an actual mag. or book. But when my computor got Alzheimer's,we bought a tablet to use.l find it opens web pages much more efficiently. Perhaps there is a wireless printer available for your e reader.Then you could print off something useful to pattern from. Any of you "techies"out there have suggestions?
i know you need a printer with air print to print from iPods and iPads. Don't know if that is compatible with all e-readers or tablets. Then there's the cost if replacing your printer. Usn't technology fun! :)

We have two different Kindle readers in our house and I've been wondering about the same thing.  I'd love to save space and paper BUT, like you I like having those patterns in my hand! 

i like books. quilting books. military sci-fi [hardcore], cookbooks, poetry -in books...

i like books. have played with sons ipad ..he is a programmer for adobe...has all the tech toys...

...but i like books....

to sit with a cup of tea - glass of wine - and a book...pure joy

i love books AND e-books. ome thing i like about reading on my iPad is that i don't need a light, and it disturbs my husband less. it was also great to take on our summer trip. no running out of books or hauling along a bunch of extras.


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